Artist and bookbinder Annabel Other created The Bristol Art Library in 1998 and has been head librarian ever since.  Housed in a handcrafted maple cabinet the size of a small suitcase the fully functioning public library holds hand-bound books covering the arts and sciences. There are currently nearly 200 books (all 5 x 4 inches) in the collection and visitors are guided through the whole experience. “I try to keep an atmosphere of reverence but some books are quite funny so I do allow the odd titter”. Membership is free (there are currently about 4,500 members) and Friends of The Bristol Art Library get to sit on a special cushion whilst browsing the books. Annabel will be opening the library for ART FLEA, along with all its paraphernalia complete with membership cards and stamps, there is even a gift shop selling tea-towels, bookmarks and postcards.

The library has travelled all over the UK including Glastonbury and the BALTIC and to New York, Poland and Japan.