INDEX Gallery

INDEXblogpicINDEX is an artist-run gallery presenting a rigorous and diverse programme of critically engaged work run by Gavin McClafferty, Helen Kincaid, Matt Curtis, Joanna Greenhill and Ali Kayley. They will be at ART FLEA with their latest issue of INDEX l Press.

Meanwhile INDEX is opening the SITE Festival with a newly-commissioned work from internationally acclaimed artist Siobáhn Hapaska. A site-specific piece for the Brunel Goods Shedthe sky has to turn black before you can see the stars is a dramatic installation of five uprooted olive trees suspended and shackled within scaffolding cubes, each tree is yoked to a motor creating unsettling yet magical vibrations.  Not to be missed.
And at their gallery space on Brewery Lane, INDEX will be hosting screenings of  Jordan Baseman’s acclaimed 2011 film Green Lady together with the British premiere of his 2013 Tokyo = Fukushima. Both shows: 4th – 12 May 11am – 6pm.