Cross-dressing, cameos and a conceptual quiz!


Join cross-dressing quizmaster Johnny Quiz extraordinare for an evening extravaganza of bombastic irrelevance, with his band The Men With One Name, the now legendary Lap Dance Charades round, not to mention the plethora of cameos and guest stars.

Johnny explores the deep recesses of the mind where elves look down upon dwarves but dress them in white blouses and pleated skirts behind closed doors; he asks what is that for? And how did you get it in there? And without fear or consternation he evokes the lust of the battle axe, the prick of a short sword and a fling with a trebuchet. He has warmed his ring in the fires of Mordor and devised a series of fiendishly silly tests to pit your wits against.

No prior knowledge of any subject is required to answer the questions of Johnny Quiz but a strong constitution and liberal values are an advantage.

Saturday 18th May 8pm Goods Shed, Stroud
Tickets: £5 in advance or £6 on the door.
Buy tickets online or from Trading Post, Kendrick Street, Stroud. NOT TO BE MISSED!