Shorts, in shorts, with shorts…


An alternative cinema club formed in 2010 by Rupert Howe and Helen Kincaid, Negative Space’s monthly screenings at SVA feature artist films, work by new directors and lost classics from beyond the multiplex. Past highlights include Andrea Arnold’s visceral Fish Tank, Bela Tarr’s sombre classic Werckmeister Harmonies and talks by celebrated British filmmakers Andrew Kötting and Nick Abrahams.

For ART FLEA, Negative Space will be returning to SVA’s long-suffering van – site of a previous showing of Harmony Korine’s perverse and provocative Trash Humpers. Operating for the duration of ART FLEA’s Saturday bazaar, the programme will be made up entirely of short films, by directors as various as John Smith, Guy Maddin and Nick Abrahams, which are all to be viewed while wearing shorts* and drinking shorts. In short… we look forward to seeing you there!

*don’t panic – shorts will be provided for wearing over your own clothes!